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You can email me here: for questions, comments, concerns, requests, recipes, poems, advice, or to donate money (just kidding on that last one).

No, but really. I want to hear from you. I want to be your best friend. If you’re cool, that is. So please get in touch with me if that tickles your fancy.

15 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi, πŸ™‚ first off, i randomly found your blog by accident and it’s brilliant! Well played on making geekiness cool, that’s something i’m still working on. Basically ( this is the annoying part ) I was wondering if there are any tips or ideas you can pass on to a young budding blogger like myself?

  2. I love your blog it is so funny that it make me want to shart, oops i mean pee

    Sincerely random person :3

  3. Quick question.
    How long/how many blog posts did it take you to get feature on Freshly Pressed? And do you follow/join some people who followed you?
    I’d really appreciate it if you did!

      1. I read it and it was a good read! Wow, you did it in 2 weeks though. That’s really awesome! I’ve made 40 posts and not once have I even gotten 4,000 views in a day.
        Please take a look at my blog and pointers on how to write better would be appreciated!

  4. Came across your blog and it strikes home. You are the female version of me! Professional writer, multiple degree holding, anxiety/OCD suffering, permanent cynic and misanthrope. Poor experience of online dating….

    Crikey! It’s like looking into the mirror and seeing a cute female for back at me who shares my traits! If this was, we’d be a 90% match!

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