Growing Pains

This blog is a work in progress.

I’ve already decided that I like the format of my anxiety posts and haikus to accompany them. But I was thinking: why limit it to that? Can’t I shoot bigger?

So bear with me as I figure out just exactly what I want this blog to encompass. Right now I’m thinking the main posts will be anxiety stories, then haikus, occasional random poetry, book reviews, and my new segment entitled: If Historical Figures Were Alive Today.

That’s what I’ve got so far. When you followed my blog originally, it was in its infancy. Now it’s in its terrible twos. It’s learning how to walk and talk, but it is also throwing tantrums and occasionally drawing on the walls with permanent marker.

I have a weekly layout now, I think. The last Sunday of every month will be an update.

Monday- Manic Monday: Stories from a child with GAD

Tuesday- Haiku Tuesday: pithy, terribly inane poems to accompany the stories

Wednesday- Hump Day Special: Story, Haiku, Book Review, photoshopped image of me riding a unicorn… today is a surprise!

Thursday- Random Story time: email me for requests or cease and desist letters. If no requests are received, it will… still be random.

Friday- If Historical Figures Were Alive Today

Saturday & Sunday- the days of rest, am I right? Unless, of course, I decide to write something.

I want to thank you ahead of time for your patience with my blog/child. Please don’t hit it, that’s illegal.

Jump in; the water's fine!

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