An Oldie but A Goodie: Bible

Poem time! I wrote this poem “Bible” in May, 2010. It was promptly made the Daily Deviation in the literature category on deviantArt. I have never been so overwhelmed by the responses to my poetry. So here’s that poem for you, friends.


The demon is in the design,
the devil in the details,
and all I’m left with is puritanical hypotheses.
A conglomeration of sins, a conference of bodies.
What can I save from  this?
I disavow if/when scenarios.
I am confessing only to myself:
Forgiving you for taking me and
believing in my charge.
Faith is in the breaths of hope,
divining how I see you, feel you, think of You.
Almighty in my heart–this You is me is they is all.
Present to the will of Us, I can’t help but wonder,
oh, God.

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