Grace: Poetry Project Saturday

Sara’s (NoH) poem. Her word was “grace”. This is a very rough draft and I’m not sure how I feel about any of it except I really love the last line. I will probably include another Grace poem soon.

Grace: The Host

Your features poses pleasantly for calling company
why, hello–and curtsey–and thank you–and twirl (and smile)
Your head inclines incrementally, instrumentally
come in–and curtsey–and thank you–and twirl (and welcome)
Your elbows bow accordingly, accordions, up and down
this way–and curtsey–and thank you–and twirl (and beckon)

Your hips saunter agreeably, angling angelic,
excuse me–and curtsey–and thank you–and twirl (and swivel)
Your knees bend acknowledging knowingly
yes ma’am–and curtsey–and thank you–and twirl (and sit)
And even your twinkle toes point their pinkies politely with each plié.

4 thoughts on “Grace: Poetry Project Saturday

  1. First time commenting in this literary circle…I just finished reading this, and I do think it’s quite interesting. I can very clearly picture the scene, and I really like the rhythm of this. Nice job. 😉

  2. This is the start to a great poem. Beyond even the words, the structure is poetic in itself – the way the lines repeat themselves, the length of each line, the way the verse is broken, it’s aesthetically pleasing. Funny that’s what strikes me most. All you need to work on here in my opinion is creating an image – I had trouble picturing the poem in my head. It’s a little too abstract.

    Good work!

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