My Christmas In Jail

Dearest Readers, My Best Internet Friend and Mentor, Le Clown, is showcasing the talents of an incredible writer today. Please read the post here, and then go follow Nicki Daniels and be prepared to laugh as hard as you ever had here (if not more so). She’s quite the talent, and will both wrench your […]

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Let’s Talk About Love

The kind you clean up with a mop and bucket, like the lost catacombs of Egypt only God knows where we stuck it. Gross. I do not want to talk about that kind of love. Though, that song is my Karaoke song. Love is the loftiest emotion humans can attain to, other than the comatose […]

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European Adventures

Hello, beautiful readers! It is I, Whitney, your blog overlord/best friend/unicorn enthusiast. Today, I leave for Europe. Hold the screams and the tears. This doesn’t mean I’m going to completely stop blogging (although it may seem like I have). In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I will be writing.A lot. Well, maybe not a lot. […]

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