European Adventures

Hello, beautiful readers! It is I, Whitney, your blog overlord/best friend/unicorn enthusiast.

Today, I leave for Europe. Hold the screams and the tears. This doesn’t mean I’m going to completely stop blogging (although it may seem like I have). In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

I will be writing.A lot. Well, maybe not a lot. But frequently. There are a lot of train rides in Europe, and I’ll be telling you stories.

There will be a new segment for the next three weeks: Travel Tips To Travel Like An Idiot, or something along those lines.

The Historical Figures will be pertinent to the area that we’re visiting at the time (ie–Ireland, England, France, Italy, Germany/Austria, and Holland).

There will be a guest blogger, or a guest star, if you will. Her name is Batman.

There will be pictures.

There will be blood (just kidding).

And it will be epic. So hold on to your panties (I assume that’s what you’re all wearing), buckle your seatbelts, check your email regularly, and get ready to rock in Europe.


I love you. No, seriously. I love you.



5 thoughts on “European Adventures

  1. Why do you insist on panties? I prefer leggings 😉 And what’s up with Germany and Austria being sort of something like the same place? Are you peeking into the future anticipating a reunification of the(un) Holy Roman Empire? lol just kidding and have fun!

  2. have a awesome time Whit! which i’m quite sure you will without me saying lol…please be safe and make sure you have plenty of clean under pants …oh i lost myself there did i sound like a parent? LOL…perhaps i should just stop and leave the jokes to you ;o) But really Whit have a safe and wonderful trip I will be looking out for your post :o) take care….Have Fun!!!!

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