At A Loss

When I was twelve or thirteen years old, my brothers and I stayed up late watching horror movies in the family room. I don’t remember what movies they were, nor does it matter; what matters is what happened afterwards. I slept on the floor in my parents’ bedroom most nights. For some reason, their room […]

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One Year Later

Dear Dad, I call you “Gerald” when I’m angry with you. I call you “Dad” when I think about all the things you did for me. I think about you every day: what you’d think of the news (you’d be incredulous), of technology (slightly offended, probably), of a certain movie (would you hate Marvel films […]

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Thanksgiving is for Sissies

Now, now, don’t get your turkey feathers in a bunch.   Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a day you get to spend with family (or those you’ve chosen as family) and just be together, all the while eating glutinous amounts of food. Which is why this year, I’m spending it with […]

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The Big One: Body Image

This is less of a phobia, and more of  obsessive-compulsive tendencies. There is still anxiety wrapped around everything related to each little tic of mine, in fact, more anxiety than troubles me about anything else. Am I working on it? Yes. Am I succeeding? In some areas, hell yes. In other areas, I haven’t made […]

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Thanatophobia: Fear of Dying

Horror movies may have began my fear of dying in ridiculous ways (Dante’s Peak made me terrified of volcanoes in Colorado), but my anxiety disorder certainly took that idea and ran with it. Ran a marathon with it. Ran like Forrest Gump with it. Let us delve into the psyche of a 7-14 year-old and […]

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