A writer in need deserves followers indeed.

Hello, strangers, family, friends, and people I have bribed into reading this blog. I appreciate your attention (if I have any of it).

I am a 20-something (aka 21) woman with an unhealthy passion for the written word. My first order of business is a memoir chronicling the mental illnesses of those I love the most, and I mean that in the friendliest way possible, mom.

This blog is for scraps. Not shitty table scraps, like green beans passed to the dog when you were five (I mean what?), but more like “oh-I-just-dropped-this-medium-rare-steak-on-the-floor-I-guess-the-dog-can-have-it” kind of scraps. That isn’t to say that I think I’m a brilliant writer. I just want to share stories with you that I’m not sure will make it into the first book.

So bear with me, and please tell your friends about this blog.

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