Thanatophobia: Fear of Dying

Horror movies may have began my fear of dying in ridiculous ways (Dante’s Peak made me terrified of volcanoes in Colorado), but my anxiety disorder certainly took that idea and ran with it. Ran a marathon with it. Ran like Forrest Gump with it. Let us delve into the psyche of a 7-14 year-old and […]

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Fear of: The Shining

Scary movies were, and are, one of my favorite things in the word. Getting scared w hile sitting and eating popcorn was my substitute for roller coasters (which I was too afraid to ride up until age 14). My family and I loved horror movies. We watched them constantly. One summer we slowly worked our […]

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At My Lowest: An Aside

Clinical Depression is serious. It’s not mood swings, it’s not having a bad day–it’s not even having a bad week. Clinical Depression makes life a challenge, and not a fun one on Nickelodeon where you get to slime a celebrity, but one on Fear Factor like eating raw Rocky Mountain Oysters and then not even […]

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Valentine’s Day: an Aside

This story has nothing to do with my GAD. It does, however, have to do with the struggles I faced with my sexuality. Uh-oh, I used the s-word. Don’t worry, this posting isn’t NC-17, or even R. This is a post about my first love. And I figure nothing fits the sentimentality of Valentine’s Day […]

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