An Open Letter to US Airways

Dear Flight Attendant on flight 2026 from Phoenix to Philadelphia last Friday, February 27th, at 11:50 PM: If you have to open a sentence with, “I’m not a bitch, but…” guess what? You’re a bitch. Also, you’re a flight attendant and you’re working and you probably shouldn’t be using that kind of language. This isn’t […]

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Live A Little

Welcome back, friends! Back where?¬†you ask, confused. You didn’t go anywhere. I went somewhere. You know, for a person who generally doesn’t like going out, meeting new people, trying adventure sports without an ambulance and a stretcher waiting nearby, spending money, or getting out of my comfort bubble, sometimes I really surprise myself. And then […]

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Travel Tip #1: Haikus

Batman fights crime and I fight bad attitudes and together we win Delta Airlines is limbo for world travelers and eats people’s souls Delta Airlines should be called Delta Disasters: Fuck Your Travel Plans gingerbread cookies can only soothe a troubled mind to an extent   AND COMING SOON: Travel Diaries #2: Amsterdamnit, part one! […]

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European Adventures

Hello, beautiful readers! It is I, Whitney, your blog overlord/best friend/unicorn enthusiast. Today, I leave for Europe. Hold the screams and the tears. This doesn’t mean I’m going to completely stop blogging (although it may seem like I have). In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I will be writing.A lot. Well, maybe not a lot. […]

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