Wednesday Special: An Oldie but a Goodie, “Miserable”

I wrote this poem in either Fall of 1997 or Spring of 1998. I was seven years old and in third grade.

As you can tell by the poem, Shel Silverstein was my favorite poet at the time. He is still one of my favorites (Also one of my favorite playwrights. His plays are incredibly adult and inappropriate. They are also hilarious).

English: Signature of Shel Silverstein.
The beloved author of "Where the Sidewalk Ends" has one play that is ten minutes of two characters saying all the different words for Penis and boobs. No, I'm not joking.



I am so miserable,
can’t you tell?
I am so miserable,
I really don’t feel so well.
My legs hurt, my arms do, too.
I am so miserable, but not like you.

You’re so happy you could fly!
I’m so miserable I could cry.

What? Speak up.
You’re miserable, too?
Well, gosh, then I’m just like you!

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