Poetry Project Saturday, Week 6: Poem 1

Kelly W., Colorado’s poem. Word: Seeking


You are blind. Stuck standing still in the dark, your skin

searches for an other. But you aren’t seeing–

and you’re feeling in all the wrong places. Your knees

are weak from lack of standing on your own. Your eyes are keen,

if only you would open them. But you stumble, your sin

of omission trips you. Your hands search the ground, you seek

not what you know. Yet your heart finds kin

in its ache, it sees and seizes the pain and holds tight. You sink

further into blackness, but if you would just open your eyes, be seen,

you would let others see the shape you’ve defined as yourself. Sing,

and your voice resonates–creating echoes to give shape to you,  to the kings.

Jump in; the water's fine!

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