Poetry Project Saturday, Week 6: Poem 2

Logan O., Colorado’s Poem. Word: Awesome (This poem breaks from the usual structure, because the given word makes me so incredibly happy that I had to do something different. I find it… hilarious. I know Logan will appreciate it, too.)

Tyrannosaurus Rex himself couldn’t stomp the greatness out of you,
The great white shark finds your smile menacing.
The eagle was intimidated into early on-set baldness by the boldness of you,
The lion gives up his throne and calls you king.

4 thoughts on “Poetry Project Saturday, Week 6: Poem 2

  1. Ok, I’m new, so I don’t know who Logan is, but if it’s your kid that makes this poem powerful in my mind. Seems like it needs another verse…I hunger for more.

  2. surprisingly, not that I have a lot remaining, but I had been pulling my hair out on the lookout for something on the subject of this topic today then simply right when I found myself gonna surrender your website turns up out of the blue

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