Sometimes I write for other blogs.

I know, I know, you hate me.

But the school year is winding down, and with it, my freedom (and burning desire, much akin to the syphilis I heard that people suffer from sometimes) to write is winding up. Soon, so soon, I will be posting my regular 3 times a week. I’m so excited I could pee everywhere. Maybe I just did a little bit.

In the time between February’s post and right now, a lot has happened. I have chosen a grad school and will be moving to the Hamptons (aka the faberge apple next to the Big Apple) and writing with idols of mine. Again, I just peed everywhere.

And then, a fellow blogger that I admire contacted me. Le Clown. The Clowniest of Clowns. The man. He emailed me. And I threw up a bit in my mouth (I’m sorry about so much relating to body fluid, I think I’m becoming a lot more like a twelve year old lately).

I wrote a blog for his new project, The Outlier Collective. It’s where bloggers “duel” it out over topics like getting Freshly Pressed or Sex or wearing Freshly Pressed Panties during Sex. Or something like that.

I wrote on the harsh realities of the Freshly Pressed award. I hope you read it, and I hope you like it.

Next week, tune into A Clown on Fire as I take Mr. Clownypants on a tour of Denver. Be prepared to pee your pants.

Adult diapers for him and her
Necessary apparel for reading Highest Form of Whit, A Clown On Fire, or The Outlier Collective. One Size Fits All.

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