I love you guys. No, really.

We did it.

Rather, you did it. I just occasionally typed some things and made myself giggle and hopefully made you giggle, too. And it worked. Because you know what, we just reached 10,000 followers last week.


I’m so excited I just threw up all over my computer kind of maybe not really. Whatever. I spiritually threw up, or something.

So in honor of this, I have a little poll for all of you, for what to do to celebrate. Please vote! Please tell your friends to vote! It would be amazing if I could even get 100 of my readers to do this.

35 thoughts on “I love you guys. No, really.

    1. Post some more cute pictures of little Whit! She’s adorable (not that there is any non-adorable form of Whit).

      Or Q&A. Or the conquering fear. But I fear the tattoo. Unless you just get the word “Myriad” or something subtle (which classically means 10 thousand).

      1. Oh, stop, you. Flatterer.

        If I got a celebratory tattoo, it wouldn’t have anything to do with the blog. I’d just be getting a tattoo that I want NOW because it’s a reward for making it to 10,000. Shhhh. But myriad is a GREAT idea. Jeez!

      2. Okay, well good, that’s not so bad then. Also I ain’t flattering you. Flattery is apparently defined as “excessive and insincere praise, esp. that given to further one’s own interests.” I don’t think any of that comes into play! Besides the praising bit 😛

  1. Amazing accomplishment! Congratulations! I think you should take the Ice Bucket Challenge! We’re all still doing that right or we’re over that now?

  2. Hmm, the tattoo sounds like the thing that would be completely for you, so that’s my vote.

    This means I’m both one in ten-thousand and part of something larger than myself. I feel so special.

  3. Congratulations! Does the number of followers actually help you pay your rent or is it just a notch in your belt so to speak? Either way, great job, you’re doing something right!

    I’m following closely behind you. Relatively. I have… hmmm… lemme double check. All right. I have. ONE whole follower! Go me.


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