Head on Over to Brews and Views

A week ago a STRANGER emailed me. Thankfully that email didn’t contain any puppy gifs or I’d probably be cyberkidnapped.

But that stranger wanted to interview me! So, readers, friends, family, mortal enemies… head on over to Brews and Views  to learn a little bit more about yours truly.


PS–The semester is over and I’m headed home, which means more posts coming soon! Let’s just pray I don’t throw my back out on the drive home like I did last year.

9 thoughts on “Head on Over to Brews and Views

  1. Awesome interview and of congratulations on all your success : ) here’s hoping I can make the same blogging magic happen for Guy Vs Life! Love your writing!

  2. I love your sense of humor. Really nice pointers as well! I just started blogging like a week ago and I’ve already broken thematic unity as my first two posts were memoir and the third was scifi.

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