Oh Hey

It’s me.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s been forever, Whitney. We’ve totally forgotten about you.

And I get it. I’ve largely forgotten about the blog, too, but mostly because the cycle of grief and work and depression has really made doing something fun like this seem absolutely impossible.

But guess what? I’m not too depressed to write here anymore. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m still depressed, but I’m also hard at work on larger things. Namely, my book.

And because I want my book to succeed, and because I miss being able to make jokes about my mental health on the internet, I shall be returning.

New posts will come once a week, on Sundays, from now until I either get too depressed or I decide to switch from WordPress to something else.

That’s a promise I very much intend to keep…


And along with that, here is some great news!


My writing will appear forthcoming in Entropy and Harpur Palate

I’ll see you next week!





8 thoughts on “Oh Hey

  1. I need to get back into it as well. I’ve been too depressed to think about anything to write. It is like the entire world feels dead and inspiration is buried in a grave someplace.

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