Generalized Anxiety Disorder and surprises don’t go well together. As a child, my brothers capitalized on this: they would wait, patiently, silently, behind doors or corners and pop out to yell in my face. It worked like a charm and produced the desired effect of tears, and made me paranoid to the point where I […]

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Two-Year Clottiversary

A lot of my anxiety as a child resulted in me believing I would die in horribly tragic ways. For instance, I was terrified of sleeping under my ceiling fan because I believed that it would crash through my bed, chop me into little pieces, and send my remains and my bed through the floor […]

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Thanatophobia: Fear of Dying

Horror movies may have began my fear of dying in ridiculous ways (Dante’s Peak made me terrified of volcanoes in Colorado), but my anxiety disorder certainly took that idea and ran with it. Ran a marathon with it. Ran like Forrest Gump with it. Let us delve into the psyche of a 7-14 year-old and […]

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At My Lowest: An Aside

Clinical Depression is serious. It’s not mood swings, it’s not having a bad day–it’s not even having a bad week. Clinical Depression makes life a challenge, and not a fun one on Nickelodeon where you get to slime a celebrity, but one on Fear Factor like eating raw Rocky Mountain Oysters and then not even […]

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Cibophobia: Fear of Food (Fruit)

Every parent knows how tough it is to get your kids to eat certain things, and not eat other things. There’s that little trick where you tell your kid that vegetables give you SUPER SECRET powers that only adults can have, and all of a sudden, the little guys can’t get enough of whatever it […]

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