Poetry Project, Week 3: Poem 1 (Elena’s, Rough Draft)

Elena S., Colorado: “There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt.” To go with the monster theme. This one is more personal, more real, and rougher than the others.

Monsters aren’t real. They may haunt your dreams. They may be there

still when you wake, but blink. You control them. The last was

made of liquid fire, burning your throat and walking you tipsy-turvy. Nothing

made sense and you got lost in its shadow. But blink. You control them. To

get rid of it, you lost so much. Your eyes forgot to reopen. And another took its place, more fear-

some than the last. It called to you. Blink. It stalked you during the day. Blink. And

laid with you, raped–Blink–you, scratched you, hit–Blink–you, left you with nothing

and no one. But remember: monsters aren’t real. Blink again. To

get rid of its claws, believe in your eyes, in your fingertips, in the stomach that tells you to doubt.

One thought on “Poetry Project, Week 3: Poem 1 (Elena’s, Rough Draft)

  1. “…..Monsters aren’t real. They may haunt your dreams. They may be there…..”.

    I agree. Think about the Nightmare. Why do they happen only in the dark, at two or thereabouts in the morning?

    Could it be that at that time of night, the atmosphere is different because everyone is sleeping? Hence malevolent non-corporal entities can more easily enter sleepers minds?

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