Aviatophobia: Haikus

3 thoughts on “Aviatophobia: Haikus


    And water landing! Ha, that’s too much to hope for. I’ve never been afraid of a water landing, of being stranded in the ocean and potentially being eaten by the sharks. But I’m terrified of falling out of the sky. I used to just take Benadryl and sleep on the plane. Now that I have a son, I don’t want to be asleep, so I spend most of my time trying to hide my fear from him and imagining what I would tell him if the plane started going down. Geez, just writing this is making my stomach hurt.

  2. I guess, I actually have been afraid of being eaten by sharks or bitten by something unknown in the waters of the lakes and rivers we used to swim in. We rarely went to the ocean, but I was convinced that my parents could be wrong and that there could be a shark in Falcon Lake waiting to get me. I would jump at any little movement under the water.

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