National Blog Writing Month

This is like a month of panic attacks handed to me on a nice silver platter by an old white (and obviously) British butler whose name is Failure. (Imagine Michael Caine as Alfred perpetually disapproving of everything I do, and you’ll see what’s in my brain.) But, since I’ve had trouble with follow through lately, and also since I’m (mostly) funemployed, what better way of occupying my time and filling the trash can that is the internet full of things that probably only I think are funny?

I’m challenging myself this month to write here every day. To try new things, like book reviews. To revive old things, Like If Historical Figures Were Alive TodayTo get out of my comfort zone and leave the house more than just to go to the gym, grocery store, or ice cream palace.

For some reason, I thought there’d be more porn results when I google image searched “ice cream palace”. I am relieved to report that there weren’t ANY. Sometimes the internet surprises you. 

So I will be posting away, errday, like a motherfucking hustler. Because hustlers really like to blog. And then tell everyone about their blog. Because obviously.

So I started this blog? I mean… It’s on LiveJournal right now, but it’s going to be huge. You just wait.

8 thoughts on “National Blog Writing Month

      1. I did it for one semester and damn near lost my mind. My mom kept saying I should enjoy my time and write some crappy novel that would sell millions. Moms are cute.

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