I need to be fully employed

Please, please hire me. My crazy is getting worse. You know it’s bad when you can recognize that your crazy has reached a new level. I’ve gone from “charmingly quirky” to “super duper neurotic” over the past five months.

Know how I know? Today Atreyu and I had a discussion about my new pair of socks that have aloe on the inside and are meant for “cozy weather” and how I bet he’d love to have some little doggy socks like that.

And then I remembered, like I ACTUALLY REMEMBERED, that he’s a dog and can’t talk back to me. Fuuuuucccckkk.

I ran out of things to talk about with my dog today. That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever had to type, and I had to type about that time I thought I had knee herpes.

Goodnight, this terrible day. Tomorrow is a fresh start.




What? Is there such thing as knee herpes? Hope you get soon that full job or another thing that fills that gap in your life; meanwhile enjoy the crazy, and invite some friends.

Best Regards!

Now why don’t I believe you? Maybe because I have only met a dog with a German accent but never cockney accent, will have to hear it for myself to believe you 😀

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