Hot Tamales

┬áThe other night I made chili. Delicious decision, you say, with a bubble pipe hanging out of the corner of your mouth. And indeed it was. The recipe called for roasted peppers, and I roasted those suckers over the open flame of my gas stove like I was born to do it; and maybe I […]

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2014 Is An Asshole

2013 wasn’t a particularly bad year for me. It was filled with the same ups and downs as most people experience plus the heightened awareness of the roller coaster thanks to my anxiety. In 2013, I made one of the best friends I’ve ever had, I celebrated my second year of survival, I was heartbroken […]

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On the Second Day of Whitsmas

My true love gave to me: panic attacks on I-80. (Holy shit, that rhymes!)   I enjoyed my brief stay in Cleveland. I always do. Cleveland, to me, is a home away from home away from home. I feel so comfortable in Shaker Heights that I almost didn’t want to leave. But then I remembered […]

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When I have a Panic Attack

The anxiety voice in my head wins. You know, that dick voice that tells me I have knee herpes? I start to believe it (not about knee herpes, though. Those have cleared up.) The first thing I do is start to hyperventilate. Then I try breathing exercises to calm myself down, and picture myself lounging […]

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Thanksgiving is for Sissies

Now, now, don’t get your turkey feathers in a bunch.   Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a day you get to spend with family (or those you’ve chosen as family) and just be together, all the while eating glutinous amounts of food. Which is why this year, I’m spending it with […]

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