The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (And the Whitney)

A few days ago, I was completely shocked and astonished when I checked my blog and noticed that we had past the 5,000 followers mark. FIVE-THOUSAND PEOPLE FOLLOW ME?! Holy balls. That’s a lot.

It’s an incredible feeling to know that this little blog that I started a year and a half ago has created such a community. And because of how awesome all of you are, I have decided to have a little fun in honor of the 5,000+ of you that like to chuckle at what an idiot I can be.

What is this fun, you ask? IT’S QUESTION TIME.

Not ONLY is it question time, but I will respond by making a video answering your questions. Probably while wearing underwear on my head. That is negotiable. Maybe I’ll find a monocle or something. Who knows, it will be a SURPRISE!

So in the comments, ask away! I will be accepting comments until tomorrow evening at 9 PM PST, whereupon I will make a video answering your questions to post Monday morning.


What questions do you have for Whit? It can be anything! (But, please, try to keep it PG-13… if you can’t, fuck it, don’t say I didn’t try!)

Let's DO this!
Let’s DO this!

23 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (And the Whitney)

  1. My first question, “Why do you blog?”. I don’t want the sitting in a comfy chair, coffee-in-hand, answer. Imagine yourself in an interrogation room, un-comfy chair, light in your face, stern voice coming out of the darkness, repeatedly saying “Why do you blog?” in ever increasing volume, until you break down and give the truth – the real answer that is followed by the meaningful pause, and then you saying “are you happy now, now you know the truth?” And, then some gentle sobbing. More that sort of answer.

  2. And, what are your immediate goals?, And, lastly, what are your long term goals – what do you hope you will be able to say about your life when you have retired?

  3. Whit, what sort of blog do you most enjoy when no one’s looking? Do you like to read other humor primarily, or are you a closet aficionado of inspirational, psychological, news, global or other such writing?

  4. What are you doing this evening? No, wait, I know, don’t answer that – you’re making the video with responses. Then the question is, did you have to force anyone to follow your blog, or all have 5000 followed you because they were impressed by your wit? (Again, I know it was the case for me, so you only need to answer about 4999 remaining people.)

  5. And now a serious question: If you could start writing a blog post for 5 years from now, and then finish the other half of it in 5 years on this very day, what would it be about?

  6. Hello. im new to the blogging world and learning slowly. I like the honesty in your blog.

    1. How did you learn to open up online? Did it take time?
    2. Did you ever receive negative feedback from your family/friends regarding your blog?


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