You Asked, and I Answered

Warning: I say swear words a couple of times in this post. Like, actually say them. Because this is a video of me.

Thanks all for your questions! It’s a long video, but I hope you stick around until the end. Because I do something spectacularly nerdy for all of you. Also there is a boob joke in there somewhere.

Thanks, friends. I love all of you.

23 thoughts on “You Asked, and I Answered

  1. Great answers, great video! You are just like I imagined you from your writing. I will prepare the hobbit hole for you this weekend – since I live in NZ.

      1. I know you just like me for my hobbit hole – but you can come visit anyway.
        Did you know I once played golf in the wind and the rain with a fugitive? Visit my blog…

  2. Haha. You’re awesome. I had to bribe some friends and family in the beginning of my blogging experience as well. Glad to hear someone with your talent had to lure in readers at first. It made me feel creepy and a little mind rapey. But fun when someone you know and love becomes a devoted follower. P.S. I love that your dog peed on Jesus.

    1. You’re awesome!
      I’m so glad I don’t have to stand by my friends/family members’ beds anymore while they’re sleeping and whisper softly, “Follow Highest Form of Whit” over and over. It’s a relief to have my nights back, let me tell you.

      PS. I bet my Jesus bag loved it, too. πŸ™‚

      1. When I went I have never read or watched any of the movies. Now I have watched the Hobbit but that is it… I have been told by many that I have not lived until I watch and read them.

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