Once Upon a Time

I have told this story millions of times. I have written in approximately thirty times.

I condensed those thirty pages into one piece. And then I edited and revised the shit out of it, because that’s what it takes to be a real writer. (That’s what the professionals tell me, anyway. A lot of the time I think JRR Tolkien just sat down and spat out 1000 pages of LOTR and never had to change a word)

Then I submitted it to Untucked Magazine. They decided it was worthy of publication. Which means I am forever indebted to them for allowing me to swear terribly at a place that isn’t my blog.

Please take some time out of your very busy days and head over to Untucked ย (click the word, sillies!)ย to read how I became the foxy person I am today. Hint: It involves no foxes.

Though there is a lot of swearing, so if you have a delicate sensibility (why are you reading my blog, of all things?), you may want to have a Catholic priest standing by for a confession afterwards.

I’m just looking out for your souls. You know, like I do.

18 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. Not entirely sure how I got here, but I dig it. And I, too, lost it to someone 15 years my senior, which in hind sight was the only way to do it. Happy to see a fellow “whitty” chick on here!

  2. Hey Whit, I love the way you write! I thoroughly enjoy people who completely real, especially when it comes to blogging. I’m new to Word Press, but your blog was the first one I came across in the Humor section, thankfully. (The other blogs were a tad dry until I got to yours haha). Im not a bitch but.. you’re cool AF. It would mean a lot for you to check out my first post and see what you think!
    Keep writing! Keeps me entertained in my college lectures.
    XO – Jade

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