This is awkward

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

A blog that I started eleven years ago, but couldn’t maintain because of my teaching career and all the trauma I was going through that I just shoved down into a small little box in my brain?

You’re looking good for having been neglected at best and abandoned at worst.

But I’m back now. For good this time.

It’s going to be very funny and very sad and I can’t wait to rebuild this blog. My aim is to bring it back to its old level of snark and introspection and silliness and mental health awareness.

It’s not going to be easy, but that’s mostly because I’m out of practice and also way more traumatized now than I was in 2012. Or 2014. Or 2017. Or 2018. Or even 2020. My therapist, Barbara (God bless her), told me she was impressed that I have never been hospitalized, given how incessant the traumatic experiences are that I’ve been through. She said I’ve never had time or space to process things because the next thing just happens, and she’s right.

So why am I bringing Highest Form of Whit back to life? Because I quit teaching. Because I’m finally reckoning with all the trauma I carry and learning how to express my feelings. And because doing so has reminded me how fun it was to be in community here and see the impact my silly thoughts had.

I’ll be posting often. Not regularly, not yet, because I can’t write AND work out AND feed myself AND walk the dogs AND shower all in one day. It’s a juggling act, managing my anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain, and executive dysfunction. I’m learning, though, and I’m in good hands.

See you soon, you weirdos.

7 thoughts on “This is awkward

  1. Did you not know that you can work out and eat in the shower? Should save a bit of time.
    Really good to hear from you.

    1. I don’t know about eating, but a shower is the best place to think of something to write, considering how it’s pretty much the only place where we can’t stare at a phone.

  2. Always love reading your musings. I never go on FB anymore but randomly did and saw this. So, I guess it was worth going on there just to see your face pop up. Much love my dude. Being sure I mark the box so I can get notified of new posts.

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