Over-dosed and Crippled by Alzheimer’s (Daily Conversations with Anxiety)

Every morning I stand and look at the drawer that holds my pills.
Did I take these yet?
Are you sure?
So, I should take them again?
Well… If you accidentally double your dose, you’ll probably die.
I take SERTRALINE. Not, like, Vicodin or something.
Yeah, but you’re super sensitive to medication. You’ll froth at the mouth and die but you will be really happy about it and not worried at all.
I don’t remember taking them. I don’t want to be anxious all day.
Well, it’s better than being DEAD ALL DAY. Can I get an “Amen”?
I honestly… I remember putting on my concealer and putting in my leave-in conditioner, but…
I think you have early-onset Alzheimer’s. You’re going to be the youngest case of it in the world. Twenty-three and no memory at all. You should probably get tested.
Oh my GOD. You’re right. I’m losing my mind.
I know. That’s why I’m here.
Fuck this shit. I’m taking my pills, just in case I didn’t take them two minutes ago.
I hope you enjoy the taste of your own vomit.
I hope YOU enjoy being extra drugged into submission, asshole.

My dose is so small that doubling it would really probably do nothing. Maybe. Probably. Who knows.

27 thoughts on “Over-dosed and Crippled by Alzheimer’s (Daily Conversations with Anxiety)

      1. Super! Hahahahahaha! You’re alright in my book! Maybe tape the pill to your forehead when you go to bed and if it’s still there in the morning you haven’t taken it?

  1. I suffer from the same ailment! When I’m not sure if I have taken my medications, I don’t and then by the end of the day my body will usually tell me loud and clear what it’s missing! I take quite the cocktail so for sure I would be foaming!

  2. Hey! I was looking for some more blogs to follow because I’m new to wordpress ^.^ I really like your posts. makes for a nice viewing. Will deffo be following. 🙂 I suffer from anxiety among other things, we’re also on the same medication! So it’s nice to see how someone else handles these things ;p I always forget if I took them.

    If you get a mo please pop by and check out my dating/views on women type blog.

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